Unbelievable Audio Quality: Unboxing and Review of the Vizio SB3831-D0 Sound Bar System.

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The Vizio SmartCast 3831 is a phenomenal addition to any home theatre system. The Vizio has quality sound and sleek design with Google Cast built-in, so you can stream your favorite movies, shows, music, or even watch YouTube videos from anywhere in the house. It also has a pretty functional wireless subwoofer that gives off some intense rumble which adds an extra dimension to the sound output.

How to set up your Vizio SmartCast Soundbar

While setting up the Sound Bar to our Tv, we did not encounter many difficulties as the manual had clear guidelines.

To connect the soundbar to your Tv, it is advisable to use an HDMI ARC cable to connect the bar to the Tv’s audio output, but you can also use an optical cable.

  • Connect the power cable to the soundbar, plug it into an electrical outlet, and do the same with the subwoofer power cable.
  • When both the soundbar and subwoofer are powered on, they will connect automatically.
  • When done with the sound system connections, turn on your Tv.

Your soundbar will automatically turn on and begin searching for an active input. The LED signals on the bar will circle in pairs through the different inputs until they detect an audio source.

Features Of The Vizio SmartCast 38″ 3.1 Channel


The Vizio SB3831-D0 is a 3.1 channels sound bar with a wireless subwoofer and built-in left, right, and center speakers. The bar is made out of quality plastic that gives it a decent build. The ends of the soundbar have silver cappings that give off a sleek look. The bar also has a fabric covering on the top and front to protect the interior from dust. At 38.17” W x 3.06” H x 3.0” D, this soundbar may be a bit bulky and will block your screen if the Tv sits flash on the tabletop. You can easily place it between the legs of any Tv wider than 55″, and for a smaller TV, you can choose to mount it using the provided wall mount kit.

The subwoofer has a similar build quality to the bar and connects to the bar wirelessly, and you can place it anywhere in the room with the hustle of wire connections. The woofer has the dimensions of 38.17” W x 3.06” H x 3.0” D and will not take up too much space.

Sound Quality

The Vizio is a 3.1. channel system setup that has a dedicated center speaker that gives you dialogue clarity in movies. The frequency throughout The Sound Bar system is impressive and gives out a decent thump and rumble.

The soundbar also has DTS® audio technologies that provide surround sound and dialogue clarity with richer bass, while The Dolby® audio gives your music, movies, and favorite Tv shows vibrant sound. The DTS TruSurround gives off an immersive sound with the TruVolume ensuring that your content produces excellent sound at all times by consistently adjusting your volume to suit your content.

The wireless subwoofer produces a deep bass that goes up to 50Hz to give you your desired sound intensity. This system also features a Vizio SmartCast app that enables Height Level Adjustment to provide you with a more immersive sound, and you can also control your sound bar from anywhere in your home.


The Vizo Smartcast 38″ 3.1ch has two digital inputs- an RCA (Coaxial / SPDIF) and Optical (Toslink). It also features a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack and a USB port that enable you to play your files.

This Sound Bar features an HDMI ARC output that, when used, enables you to use your TV remote control for both the TV and Soundbar system. Another thing we found very interesting was the Ethernet input. With this feature, you can connect an ethernet cable to your soundbar to setup a multi-room audio system. You can also stream music through the internet, making all of life’s entertainment available in any room at home.

The wireless connections on this soundbar system are excellent. With Bluetooth, you can connect your device to the sound system and play your favorite songs. The Wi-Fi connection on the other end enables you to cast any content with the soundbar’s built-in Chromecast.

SB3831 Remote and Controls

The Vizio 38″ 3.1 channel comes with a remote control that enables control for basic functions of the soundbar system. It also has a small LCD that displays the inputs though it can be a little hard to view as it is not backlit. You can also use the SmartCast app to control some of the functions.

You can also use the control on the bar, which allows you to power the system On/Off, control the Inputs and Bluetooth, and increase or decrease the volume.

What We Love About The SB 3831-D0

  • Sleek design with flexible placement (wall-mounted or not). The 3831-D0 is designed with your home in mind, and its sleek design can be mounted on the wall or placed on a shelf.
  • Superior sound quality with 100 dB sound pressure levels. The 38 inch sound bar delivers crystal clear superior sound quality with 100 dB sound pressure levels filling any room with immersive surround sound.
  • It comes with a wall mounting kit. This soundbar comes with a wall mounting kit, so you can easily mount it on the wall other than placing it below your TV stand.
  • Remote control or control panel. You can choose to use either the remote control or control panel for basic commands on the soundbar system.
  • Wireless subwoofer. It features a wireless subwoofer with no messy wires or complicated set up. You can enjoy high-quality surround sound without any of the hassles.
  • SmartCast App. This app has built-in Google Cast, allowing you to cast content from your personal device to your soundbar and TV.
  • Built-in Bluetooth. Thebuilt-in Bluetooth, so you can stream music from your phone or tablet, and comes with a remote that controls everything in your living room.
  • The Dolby Digital and DTS Studio Sound bring life to music and movies with great sound.
  • Easy setup. Setting up the Vizio 3831 soundbar is easy. It’s just a matter of connecting it to your TV and power source, then setting it up through the included remote control or using Bluetooth.
  • 3.1 Channels. The 3.1 channel sound bar comes with an integrated subwoofer and three speakers to create a surround sound experience.


  • LCD display on the remote. The display on the remote is small and not backlit, making it hard to read whatever is written on it.
  • Loud subwoofer. The subwoofer tends to produce quite a loud bass thump that may be a little bit too much for a small house. However, when watching action movies, it might give the scenes quite the kick.


  • Sound Bar Size-38″
  • Sound Bar Dimensions-38.17”W x 3.06”H x 3.0”D
  • Subwoofer Dimensions-8.31” W x 9.09” H x 8.31” D
  • Sound Bar Speakers-Left & Right: 2x 2.75” / Center: 2x 2.75”
  • System Frequency Response-90 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Subwoofer Frequency Response-50 Hz – 90 Hz
  • System Frequency-50 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Sound Pressure Level-101 dB
  • Sound Enhancement Technology-Dolby Digital®, DTS Studio Sound™, DTS TruSurround™, DTS TruVolume™
  • Remote-Present, with LCD Display
  • Installation-Table Top and Wall-Mountable
  • Warranty-One Year on Parts & Labor; Free Lifetime Technical Support.


The Vizio SB3831-D0 is an excellent soundbar that will look good in any room. It has some incredible features like Bluetooth connectivity, Dolby Digital decoding, and DTS TruVolume to make your favorite movie or song even better. Plus, there are plenty of inputs so you can connect all of your devices to one central hub – including HDMI ARC support for TVs that have built-in speakers but no optical output.

With the wireless subwoofer, you can place it anywhere without the hassle of wires getting tangled up on everything else around them. The powerful wireless subwoofer holds an exceptional quality of improved sound that makes you stunned when listening to it.

Vizio’s soundbars have one of the best reviews owed to how incredible they are among other brands, and with the price of just under 400 dollars, you can purchase the Vizio SB3831 here.

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