Vizio SB2920-D6 Soundbar Review 2023

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Vizio is a household name when it comes to soundbars, and the SB2920-D6 is no exception! This sleek, powerful 2.0-channel soundbar packs a punch when it comes to high-quality audio. The soundbar comes with a built-in subwoofer and features DTS TruSurround and DTS TruVolume so you can enjoy deep, rich bass tones without having to invest in external speakers or wiring. It’s a great option for small homes, studios, and modern apartments.

Why we love the Vizio SB2920 D6 Sound bar

  • Allows you to stream your music via Bluetooth. This soundbar features Bluetooth connectivity that enables you to link your device to the bar and stream your music.
  • Easy to set up. In just less than 10 minutes, you will be done setting up this soundbar as it comes with very minimal wiring too.
  • Wall mount kit included. With the wall mounting kit, you can choose to mount your bar on the wall.
  • It boosts the audio quality of your Tv. The speakers on most televisions do not offer deep and immersive stereo, but you can finally get that perfect auditory experience with this sound bar.
  • Affordable price. You can purchase the SB2920-D6 for just under 100 dollars, making it by far one of the cheapest soundbars.


  • It’s Not That Powerful. The soundbar is only sufficient for small spaces or in your room. It doesn’t give the deep thump and rumble you may want in music and movies.

Setting Up The Vizio SB2920-D6 Soundbar

The setup tools included with our delivery were the power adapter, coaxial audio cable, stereo RCA, and a digital optical cable. Connecting the Vizio SB29″ 2.0 did not prove much of a challenge as the instructions were clear from the manual.

Ready to get some awesome sound out of your Vizio sound bar SB2920 D6? Don’t worry, it’s super easy!

First, make sure your sound bar is powered on. You’ll know it’s on when you see a light on the left or center of the bar. If it’s not on, double check the power cord is connected to the power outlet. You can also make sure the outlet has power by trying another device.

Next, connect the sound bar to an ‘Audio Out’ port on the back of your TV. This is the port that sends audio ‘Out’ of the TV and will be labeled as such.

Finally, set your Sound Bar to the correct input. Turn on the TV and press and hold the ‘Input’ button on your sound bar. The lights on the front will flash, indicating the sound bar is searching for the input the TV is connected to.

And that’s it! You’re all set to enjoy your favorite shows and movies with awesome sound!

To get the best surround sound experience, we suggest positioning your sound bar at the center below your tv.

Vizio Sound Bar sb2920 d6 Troubleshooting

If you’re having trouble with your Vizio sound bar, don’t despair! With a few simple steps, you can get back to streaming your favorite tunes in no time. First, try a factory reset on the soundbar. Depending on the model you have, the procedure may differ. It’s important to check your sound bar manual for specific instructions.

You can find the vizio sb2920 d6 manual here.

If that doesn’t work, try connecting a different device to your sound bar. Once you’ve done that, you may need to press and hold the input button to perform the Auto Input Search. If the second device plays audio, you know the soundbar is working it could be an issue with maybe the coaxial cable or the digital audio cable.

If the second device does not play audio, try the universal troubleshooting basics:

  • Try a different power outlet for your sound bar.
  • Check to see if the ports on the sound bar to make sure they’re connected correctly.

If they are, then the issue may be with the sound bar itself and you may need to contact customer service.


The design of the Vizio sb2920 soundbar is amazing. It has this sleek, streamlined look that blends in well with your room. The 2.0 Sound Bar features two in-built full-range stereo speakers that boost your TV’s speakers and delivers quality sound. This SoundBar has varying placement options, and you can choose to mount it on the wall using the provided wall mounting kit, place it on the tabletop or build it into your TV stand.

This sound bar features premium audio technology that supports DTS TruSurround, which delivers realistic audio. With the added support of volume adjustment, this helps to minimize distractions from fluctuating volumes giving you an immersive surround experience.

Sound Quality

Because it lacks a subwoofer, the Vizio SB29″ 2.0-D6 has an average stereo frequency response in music. This may result in a slightly dull treble, making your mixes sound compressed and lacking detail.

Fortunately, this soundbar includes EQ presets, so you can easily adjust the settings to improve sound clarity.


The Vizio SB2020-D6 has a selection of inputs. There’s a standard audio jack in addition to an RCA input. There’s also a Digital Optical-in that you can connect to your game console and a USB port with which you can play content from flash drives. There are no HDMI ports on the downside, so you won’t be able to use this soundbar as a hub between your TV and other media devices.

This Sound Bar has passable wireless playback options which only support Bluetooth. With this option, you can stream music from your mobile devices wirelessly. The soundbar also has a Sub Out port to connect an optional subwoofer.


The Vizio 2.0 ch soundbar comes with remote control and also features a control panel on the soundbar. This is useful if you misplace the remote at any time in the future, which happens to most of us. We didn’t have issues with navigating around these buttons in our tests as the remote control is quite simple.


  • Sound Bar Size –29”
  • Sound Bar Speakers – 2 x 2.5” Full Range Drivers
  • Sound Pressure Level – 95 dB
  • System Frequency – 75 Hz – 19 kHz
  • Sound Enhancement Technology- DTS TruSurround™, DTS TruVolume™
  • Bluetooth mode – Yes
  • Remote- Yes
  • AUX (1)– Analog Audio In (Stereo RCA)
  • AUX (2)– Analog Audio In (Stereo 3.5mm)
  • Power Input- 120V 60 Hz
  • Wall mounting kit- Yes
  • Sound Bar Dimensions– 28.75” W x 3” H x 3” D
  • Product with Stand Weight– 4.69 lbs.
  • Warranty– One Year Parts & Labor and Free Lifetime Technical Support.

Compared To Other Soundbars; Vizio sb2920 c6 vs d6

The Vizio SB2920-D6 and C6 are both sleek and compact soundbars that pack quite a punch. With Audio Pressure Levels of 95 dB, they should be great for movies. But don’t expect too much when listening to music, as some frequencies might not come through as clearly.

The C6 doesn’t have a provision for connecting an optional subwoofer, so if you’re looking for more bass or louder than 95 dB, the D6 might be the better option. On the other hand, if you don’t need an extra sub, then the C6 is the way to go!

Either way, these soundbars should provide you with an enjoyable listening experience.


Overall, the Vizio SB29″ 2.0-D6 soundbar is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their TV’s audio quality without breaking the bank. With its Bluetooth connectivity, TruSurround technology, and sleek design, this soundbar will give any home theatre setup an incredible sound experience. For its price point, the Vizio SB2920-D6 soundbar is a great value that is well worth considering.

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