Is It A Good Idea To Place Your Soundbar in a Cabinet?

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Soundbars are a great way to enhance your TV’s sound, but where should you put them? You may think of putting it in a TV cabinet, but is that a good idea?

It’s possible to put a soundbar in a cabinet, but only if the cabinet has open shelves. If the cabinet is closed, it can interfere with sound quality and cause overheating and remote control issues.

The best option is a tv cabinet with a soundbar shelf that has open shelves, allowing sound waves to pass through unimpeded. You can check out the Walker Edison Modern TV cabinet, the Ameriwood Home or my personal favorite, the 80 Inch Pemberly Row TV Cabinet.

While having your soundbar in a cabinet may look nice, there are better sound quality and safety options.

Can You Make a Cabinet Work for a Soundbar?

Most people may want their soundbars tucked neatly in a cabinet and not visibly glaring out in the open. While I’m totally against it, here are a few things you can do to make it work.

Make Sure Your Cabinet Has Lots Of Space. 

Sufficient space is vital for a soundbar to give the best sound output. You will need a roomy cabinet, not one that barely fits the actual size of the bar. This prevents the soundbar from being cramped, which can affect the quality of the sound it produces. 

Proper Ventilation.

Proper ventilation can improve the sound quality of your soundbar. An open shelf within the cabinet, with ventilation on all sides, allows soundwaves to pass through uninterrupted, resulting in clearer sound. Without proper ventilation, the sound may become muffled or distorted.

Also, your soundbar could overheat without proper ventilation, damaging the internal components and shortening its life.

Ensure It’s Easy To Make Wire Connections.

When placing a soundbar in a cabinet, make sure you can easily access the wires to connect them. This just emphasizes that the cabinet should be open and easy to access. Making the necessary wire connections can be difficult if the cabinet is too closed off. This could cause a bad connection, “ugly” dangling wires, or worn-out cables.

Where should a soundbar be placed?

Where you put your soundbar is super important for how it sounds and how much you enjoy it. The best spot depends on where your TV is, the size and style of your soundbar, and what your room can handle.

Your soundbar should always be close to your TV. The short distance makes the device’s signals easily communicate, allowing for quality and well-synchronized audio.

Some popular places to put soundbars include:

  • Under or above the TV: This is a common spot, especially if your soundbar can be mounted. It’s a great option for clear audio and easy to control with your remote.
  • In front of the TV in an entertainment center: If your TV sits on a stand that raises it slightly off the surface, you can put a slim soundbar in front of it without blocking the screen.
  • Below the TV on an entertainment center: If you mount your TV and have an entertainment console under it, you can put your soundbar on the top surface for the best sound.
  • The Floor surface: Not a good option, but it is doable. Placing a soundbar at ear level gives the best sound experience, so putting it on a lower surface won’t provide the best audio. It’ll also clutter your space and be within easy reach for kids and pets.
  • Behind the couch: Again, this is not our most recommended soundbar placement option. The distance between the soundbar signals and your TV is stretched out. The sound is not harmonized as it comes from behind and not from the front.
  • On an open shelf: This can look cool and is a good option if you can’t soundbar mount your soundbar.

Overall, you should consider the best location that suits your room layout, TV placement, and soundbar model. 

What We Think.

Choosing the right one is crucial to ensure optimal sound performance if you prefer to place your soundbar in a cabinet. It needs to be spacious and open, leaving approximately about 3-5 inches.

A floating entertainment stand is an ideal option for soundbar cabinets. They provide a lot of space and are designed to fit media components and cables while remaining open. This type of cabinet offers a roomy, open design that is perfect for housing your soundbar while maintaining aesthetics.

The most recommended option is to place the soundbar below or in front of the TV, or to mount it below or above the TV. This is because placing it in a central location will allow the sound waves to be best distributed and will provide the best sound quality.

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